Jennifer Lawson

Hello! My name is Jennifer, I'm a family girl from LA. I've always had a huge passion for health, fitness and for helping others. I use CBD for anxiety and vouch for its effectiveness!

Jennifer Lawson

CBD Oil for Anxiety, What You Need to Know

All across the world, people are battling with mental disorders. Overall, there are 1.1 billion people with a mental or substance use disorder. But when it comes to anxiety disorders, there are a stunning 275 million people. The countries with the most include America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Algeria, and Iran. So it doesn’t hold …

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What Is CBD Oil?

Are you considering trying CBD oil? Here’s what you need to know about this substance before you use it for the first time. When most people get the suggestion of taking cannabidiol, their first instinct is to reject it just out of stigma. “Weed, no way, I’m not taking that.” That’s pretty much how most …

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