Jennifer Lawson

Hello! My name is Jennifer, I'm a family girl from LA. I've always had a huge passion for health, fitness and for helping others. I use CBD for anxiety and vouch for its effectiveness!

Jennifer Lawson

The Best CBD Strains for Arthritis Pain

There are many different CBD strains out there, and they all affect your body differently. Certain strains help you sleep better, while others might increase your focus and awareness. And some strains are particularly helpful for relieving certain conditions, including arthritis Arthritis pain is caused by swelling of the joints and can be an extremely …

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An Honest Review of Bota Hemp

The increased popularity of CBD has lead to a surge in the companies that are producing and selling hemp-based products throughout the world. Proponents of CBD claim that it is a miraculous natural cure-all, as it can treat so many different ailments, including pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, depression, epileptic seizures, acne, sleep disorders… and …

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